Now Finding Bugs Is So Easy With Kualitee

Yes! It’s true that now QA analysts can easily identify bugs and attached vulnerabilities with the help of Kualitee. QA services firms can take the advantage of this fully featured testing tool to detect bugs at the initial stage of development cycle. Software testing tools are really vital to establish optimized level performance and quality assurance in desired results. Kualitee is now ranked among the most advanced software testing tools out there, allowing developers to detect bugs at the initial stage of development. Kualitee has a fully optimized, powerfully designed dashboard, delivers the quick status of all the testing projects as you will log on. Prepare precise and reliable bug reports, test cases and scenarios by just using Kualitee as a software testing tool.

Software testing tools are becoming necessary to ensure desired amount of quality and reliability in ending results. As the leading testing tool, QA services providers love to use Kualitee. It delivers the following test analysis benefits.

  • Bug Management Analysis
  • Creation of customized reports
  • JIRA Integration at its Best
  • Flexible Reporting & Analysis
  • Custom designed, Test analysis Fields
  • Make copies & save testing templates
  • Attachment of Important Screen Shots
  • End to End Test analysis
  • Build Management
  • Manage testing team as a manager, tester or QA member

Achieve Perfect Project Management & Bug Management with Kualitee

Kualitee is a kind of test analysis tool, which help you to maintain perfection in results.  QA services analysis’s love to use this analysis tool, so as to detect all kinds of security and functional bugs at the initial stage. Kualitee as a perfect project management tool will enable you to manage, integrate and create projects in an optimized fashion. You can take care of all back to back project release with the help of Kualitee. Just like the other available software testing tools, kualitee will allow you to create builds and modules and manage product changes throughout its life.

From the past few years, quality assurance has become mandatory for all the business organizations to establish quality and perfection in their product. For QA services firms, it’s a challenge to maintain proficiency in results by using a testing tool like Kualitee to establish consistency in their client’s programs. Consistent testing is the key to achieve perfection in results, and Kualitee will allow you to achieve that.

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