Mobile Spy Software: Your Partner In Protecting Your Children

mobile_spy_softwareI am a single parent. Trust me, it’s not easy! One day, I had to leave for a business trip for three months. After having long sleepless nights, wondering what my children might do in my absence, I finally shared my concerns with a friend. He suggested that I should go for a mobile spy software to monitor my kids, because I knew the nanny won’t be enough help, especially when she won’t be at school to supervise them. I was confused there were so many cell phone trackers on the web. Then, I decided to choose StealthGenie. Since it was affordable keeping in view my concerns, I bought a Gold package for my kids – two daughters and a son. I secretly installed it on their smartphones before leaving the country. I’d admit I was apprehensive about its effectiveness.

How Did StealthGenie Help me?

I logged in my web based interface using the username and password that I got from them after I signed up and I was amazed to see a detailed record of cell phone activities of all my children.

So, I’m going to share my thoughts on how I found the service to be:

Effective Monitoring: I found StealthGenie to be a very effective mobile monitoring software as it allowed me to view contact details, listen to their call recordings, read all their SMSs even if they had been deleted. I could also view their multimedia files on too! I felt like I had a film going on in front of my eyes about the activities of my children. I could almost touch this virtual reality. It gave me extreme relief to see that my son was in contact with his sisters all the time to ensure they were safe. That’s my boy!

GPS Tracking System: The real problem I faced was from my youngest daughter. She is my darling and probably spoiled too. After going through the GPS location records, I found her going to some strange place frequently. I did not know about that so I put on a trigger alert and was instantly notified via an email when she went there again. I was so lucky to reach her in time to save her from the menace of drugs before it got out of hand.

Web Browsing History: I had a long conversation with my son, after I saw that he was spending the whole night on social networking sites and made him swore not do it again. Thanks to this feature in StealthGenie child monitoring application, I could view all the browsing history each night. I knew for sure he was keeping true to his word.

What I suggest to all concerned Parents:

I breathed a sigh having found out StealthGenie. In a deluge of cell phone trackers available in the market, I cannot trust any other software. StealthGenie has become my partner in effective parenting and I cannot trust any other parental filter. I’d recommend all the parents out there not to fall for all those mobile monitoring applications. StealthGenie is indeed the best parental control software.